Sam Wise


Hi! I’m Sam Wise. I’m a disabled, Black, Demibiromantic, Asexual, Malisian, and Oshian character designer and illustrator, with experience in coloring. Looking to freelance remotely full time in the digital art industry. I have experience in Character Design and Illustration, in Procreate and Ibis Paint X. I am available After 10:30 AM and after 8:30 PM the next morning; 5 days a week, from Monday through Friday.

CJOAT’s and Sam Wise’s Values

- Art is a luxury and pay artists for their experience fairly.

-My Disabled Life Is Worthy

-Support Worker Unions

-Black Lives Matter

-Supportive and part of the LGBTQIA+

-Fiction affects reality.

-Masks ON and Social Distance

-🚫 NFTS: I am against NFTS. If my copyrighted work is minted, IT IS STOLEN.


-I stand with Ukraine!

Just moralistic human rights and change.

The Future I Hope For

The future I want to see entails a world where you can expect people to act out of the goodness of their hearts and not for profit; where people no longer view Disabled People as disposable and listen to what we do and say; where everyone can get the help they need, where allies actually listen and do not talk over us, Where people FINALLY listen to the Indigenous People’s of the world; Where Gentle Parenting is a mandatory requirement instead of abuse; Where patriarchy ends and feminism reigns supreme; When men can talk about their trauma without being laughed at or punished; Where the pain stops; Where equality and equity is applied everywhere in the world; where Love wins and black people are no longer hated and used…I tend to get long winded, but you understand the point.