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Other Works

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[18+] Tony Milk: Horchata Flavored

Hydrate before you Diedrate

Character Illustrations!

What was my inspiration?

My inspiration was where I come from; the struggles I went through; how I overcame them; and, the things I observe around me, mostly my experiences.

Who was it for?

This answer is quite short and sweet; my roleplay partners and I. These are personal.

Why did you make it?

There are multiple reasons why I create something: a spark of inspiration, an insatiable need to create, a roleplay between me and my comrades/chosen family.

My Prideful Illustrations

What was my inspiration?

My inspiration was certain movements for human rights; the dreams that I have at night; the scenes I think of in fantasy settings; and, normal everyday item studies.

Who was it for?

Myself mostly, but also people in power and businesses, and my audience.

Why did you make it?

Often to show they are not alone, representation, to make a statement/message, to retain memories of beautiful moments, etc.

CJOAT Edition Pride Flags!

What was my inspiration?

My inspiration was certain posts on social media; someone else and their creation; or, an event in life or in a community that I am in.

Who was it for?

A friend, a community, or myself!

Why did you make it?

Because I found flag making fun, once I figured it out, size and design-wise.

Art for Clients/Hashtags/Conventions

What was my inspiration?

Most of these were commissions or for hashtag events/conventions. Some of my. Work ended up in the #Blacktober Digital Zine. My inspiration and motivation was seeing representation of people like me in white predominant spaces in media.

Who is this for?

Some were commissions ordered by my youngest sister and a LGBTQIA+ musician called Elara; some were gifts for an artist I admired, (for example; Baby Storme, who is a independent black rock musician); some were the result of a conversation in the Black Card Gala and the Pacapillars community.

Why did you make it?

Some were paid for as commissions, some were my interpretation of a trending meme, or an inside joke within me and a few others.